Tour Demo

by Nightshift

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Nightshift was formed when Nate and Alex's old band was supposed to do a tour and half of the members couldn't do it last minute. They asked Chris to form a powerpop band with them and go on tour. They wrote three songs and went on a two week tour, then Gooey joined not too long after they got back. This demo is the first three songs they wrote for that tour and three more they wrote after.


released December 27, 2013

Recorded and mixed by John Waters in the fall//winter of 2013.

Mastered by big daddy//screamo legend Krum Benefucko

Nightshift is: Gooey, Nate, Chris, & Alex



all rights reserved


Nightshift Chicago, Illinois

Four slobs playing angry pop songs.


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Track Name: Daley Plaza
a fear you'll never know
one that half a country voted for
cat calls at the anti-rape march

subtle stab at the past
wounds older than your
grandfather's words

so self-assured in your
white, patriarchal world
that you could never be the one to
spill blood
Track Name: Perish Song
we stayed up
watching star trek
I told you I can never sleep

I told you my greatest fears and anxieties
and all my re-occurring dreams

I have a re-occurring dream of getting fired from my job
a re-occurring dream of meaning
I have a re-occurring wish, of giving up more than my job
a re-occurring wish for meaning

After saying that I wouldn't sleep in ever again
I slept all morning long
it's hard to sleep it seems
when the only thing ya dream
is serving monsters

you said my life wasn't enough
it almost went to waste
but you couldn't wait
I was running like the clock
left me bare to waste
Track Name: Effigy of a Graveyard

I've been standing here
waiting for someone to teach me
a new fear so that I
can feel a little more human

and I've been taking all these photographs
and you're not there

eye to eye
(you're a)
christmas lights in July
in Bloomington across the street from the cemetery
is where I buried all of those half-written postcards
(in pictures)

and I'm coming down
from the summer heat
you've been taking all these photographs
and I'm not there anymore
Track Name: Thoracic Vertabrae
I know you won't call
the only reason that I smoked cigarettes
was to taste your breath again
the spine of smoke creates a ceiling

and it looks so pretty, but I know
I've got nothing to throw
who am I to think
I need blankets of snow

to match the white spine
freezing the backbone
and for once keep it whole
I want to forget all I know

But I'm blind
yeah, I've become blind
from all the snow on your house
Track Name: Grow in Concrete
and I just miss the nights where we'd drink red wine and talk for hours
about all our fears and what we'd hope for
but for now, you have burned so many bridges
and we're stuck on opposite sides of the world
and when I saw the marks on his neck, I sunk so deep
the look in his sad eyes said more than you ever did

and you'll fall; you'll fall so hard

you'll feel the burn; the only way you'll ever learn

and I just miss the times where we'd drive for miles
just to feel each other's breath on our necks
but for now you refuse to grow
just falling into the trap of your parent's safety net

and I don't know how things got so fucked up
but we'll fall; yeah, we'll fall so hard
and I don't know who I am or what I've become
but we'll fall; yeah, we'll fall so hard
Track Name: Vulpes
most days I have to build up the courage to leave my room
as myself and not in disguise
covering up my imperfections
with my mask
that continues to grow
I hide in plain sight from my captors
whom I don't dare to speak to
I felt too much as the burden
the only escape may be
may be too far away

there's always something else is just a coping mechanism
well it's a beauty not to look at
you can't yours unless you are; cuz it's not something you wanna
pretend you are

the first time I bore myself
the shock was over-whelming
I broke down, we broke down
nothing much remained

my mask
couldn't replace the pieces
it's got to go; it's got to go
I can hardly keep it away